*Road Construction News*

Update 6/23/2022
At the moment the construction seems to be completed. The signs are still up however we have not seen any activity for a couple weeks.

Update 5/27/22
6/1 – 6/2 Highway 67 will be closed South of C into Eagle. There will not be official detour signs posted so be sure to plan your route around the closure for what works best for you. There will be 2 different hard closures 1) ZZ West to ZZ East 2) ZZ East to Piper, the second closure day has not been listed yet but may occur as soon as 6/3. The course will not be notified of the status of the road to be safe we recommend using an alternative route until the full completion of the two hard shut downs.

67 North of the course will not have any closures currently.

Update 5/9/2022
The construction is going better than expected. We still have full access to the business and delays have not seem to be as long as previously expected. The main roadwork has already been completed in front of the facility as well as the entrance was completed today without interruption to access.


Highway 67 will be under construction beginning 4/11/22 for multiple months. Weather will determine the finishing time, however it is estimated to be completed around mid July. The golf course will be accessible during the entire time of the project, except for a few hours one day when the work is being done in front of the entrance (we will update when that time arrives). There are two times during the project for an unspecified amount of time where a detour will be required on 67. This will be when they do Piper road to ZZ and then ZZ East to ZZ West. These detours will be signed to get you around the construction.

What the golfer must know

The wait time for the construction may be as long as 20 minutes at times

Be sure to allow for enough time to get to the course OR plan a secondary route to get to the course

Our tee sheet will run on its normal time. If some of your group is here you will be asked to tee off at your tee time and the remainder of the players will be driven out to meet the group when they arrive. There is a possibility that your tee time can be moved back, however the starter will not squeeze in your group if you are all late. This method can only work if there is an open tee time available.

Here is the link to the project information we have

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